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Psychological Assessments, Psychometrics and Consultation

Psychological Assessment for the Workplace

We utilise the best possible psychological assessment battery to support you in finding your potentials for tomorrow. We assist in assessing internal candidates for development or external candidates for the ideal fit. Our assessment batteries are valid and reliable. We strictly adhere to ethical conduct and as much as we support businesses in finding the best possible candidate, we protect the candidate that is being assessed in this process. Our assessments are detailed and we see a person holistically. We assess cognitive ability, personality, team behaviour, leadership, competence, and stress and risk behaviour, emotional and social skills. With our assessment, you will be able to make a better and more effective decision to fill your vacancy.

Team Building

We ensure that your teams are functional. Our assessment tools help teams in understanding how they function. Their strengths and weaknesses are detected. In a team building, we help teams to work with their strengths and realising their weaknesses.

Career Counselling

With our measurable tools and holistic approach, we can help young people from 16 and older to choose a career. We use the latest methods to assess cognitive abilities, personality, interests, self-motivation, and values to help young people choose a career. After a preliminary interview, participants are sent a link to complete the various tools. The result will be communicated in writing in a comprehensive report. An appointment can be arranged for a further discussion.