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Organisational Change Management

Training and Development

We customise training to an organisation’s development needs. We assist in business and HR related training needs. We focus on is creating an organisational culture that enhances employee engagement, values, leadership, compiling job description with a competence focus, job grading and evaluation, interviewing with the eye on competence, communication and effectiveness in a team, labour law of Namibia, conflict management and initiating and chairing disciplinary hearings.

Change Management & Organisational Design

Effective organisational design needs to flow from the strategy of an organisation. Creating effective departmental structures to support the business strategy is our strength. We assist businesses in forming structures to be sustainable.

Change Management & Developing and conducting Surveys

We are highly skilled in compiling and executing digital surveys throughout the business to assess your organisational climate and values. Our surveys assess and drive employee motivation. You will be able to understand your current organisational climate and what changes need to be effected to engage employees optimally. We conduct a wide range of surveys. You are welcome to discuss your needs with us and we customise the survey to your needs.